Brian K. Smith

Brian Smith is a leader in construction technology in the West. He has proven Product Manager experience, built an entire VDC group from the ground up including managing IT, GPS/Survey and CAD/BIM modeling groups. He specializes in Virtual Design Construction (VDC), 3D design, 4D modeling, and Building Information Modeling (BIM) coordination. Brian has been designing and working on heavy civil projects for 20 years, including hydroelectric, water/wastewater, industrial, road, bridge and airports. Brian's unique skill set of design, engineering, construction, modeling and technology enable him to provide clients a unique perspective resulting in full assessment of risk and risk mitigation for any GC or owner. He enjoys teaching at Washington Engineering Institute, speaking at conferences across the country, advising for software start-ups and leading industry software platforms. He is also pioneer in utilizing UAV's on the construction site and is  a FAA licensed small UAS pilot. 


Keep informed on the latest technology trends and construction applications using VDC/BIM from the perspective of a professional. 


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