• Brian K. Smith

Day 1| "The Chronicles of a Technology Addict" is born!

A piece of the puzzle, the UAV.

Another blog! I know what you're thinking. Why? I agree. There are so many blogs out there. There is a blog for this, a blog for that, I even saw one about "Running in the Dark"! Yes, running in the dark. It is blog overload. At least it is not as bad as Facebook. After digging through the mountain of blog sand you sometimes run across the unicorn blog, the blog where you are engaged and learn something from it, then you find yourself checking back for more. That is how I was inspired! I want to be the Narwhal, seriously! (The blog that inspired me)

I don't want this to be just any other blog. Blogs are suppose to be about sharing of knowledge in a very specific, intimate and democratized form. This is why I have chosen to blog. I hope that my experience will not only help others learn, but also foster new ideas, create new friendships and push the construction and technology industry into a collision course. I will use this as a platform to share my knowledge, opinion, and excitement for construction and technology. By no means am I a great writer, but I do know content and I hope you're happy with the content I provide in the blog.

I want your opinion. Please feel free to take the time and send me an email with questions, ideas and comments. I will use these to steer the direction of my blogs. If I don't know the answers I will not bullshit my way though it. I will research it, I will reach out to the contacts I have to find the answers. This involvement will make the blog both more relevant and engaging.

Life. Over the past few years of work in the industry I have begun to realize Construction and Consulting Engineering are in a world of hurt. With margins that few investors would even touch and most would laugh at, we have a problem. (I will dive into this in detail on another blog post) Utilizing new technologies to identify risk, mitigate risk and improve efficiency have to be adopted quickly. Offering alternative project deliveries is part of the solution to the problem, but the entire system is broken.

I welcome friends of new and old, critics and haters, this is the beginning of a strange new world that not everyone is ready for. Please come here to get your fix for Technology Addiction!

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