• Brian K. Smith

The Whirling Arrow @ Taliesin West

Working with the School of Architecture at Taliesin and scanning the student lounge was a great experience. The project was a practical demonstration of how Leica Geosystems laser scanning technologies quickly and accurately capture comprehensive data on a complicated site. But even more impressive was how the students and faculty immediately began thinking differently about 3D modeling and approaching standard architectural problems from new perspectives. I am inspired by my work with this team and look forward to seeing where they will take digital innovation next.

– Brian Smith, Construction Technologist

This is just my quote from a great story and project that a recent graduate, Jose Amaya is working on about his thesis project for The School of Architecture at Taliesin. In a part 2 of this series, he explains how the use of technology and 3D scanning has aided him tremendously in the process of creating a new student lounge.

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